Severe storms are an inevitable part of being a Minnesota homeowner. Whether it’s rain, hail, or snow, a Minnesota storm can cause extensive damage to your property. At Treemendous Tree Care, we’ve seen storm damaged trees that have been sliced in half, robbed of their branches, and even completely uprooted. Because we’ve made it our business to be tree care specialists in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, we’ve made assessing storm damaged trees and repairing or removing damaged trees an essential aspect of our tree care services. If you have storm damaged trees on your property and don’t know how to save them or whether they can be salvaged, call in Treemendous Tree Care to help you make the right choice and take care of all of your storm damaged tree repair or removal needs.

Broken Tree Repair Company

When you can hear the wind making your trees creak, when you see your trees swaying dangerously back and forth, your worst fear is hearing the cracking sound that means you’re probably losing a tree. However, not every tree is a hopeless case, and many trees we see can be easily saved with proper care. The level of damage to your trees can vary significantly depending on your trees’ health, the strength of a storm, and any preventative measures you may have taken to protect your trees, and that’s why there are some trees that can easily be saved and others that are simply too far gone. If you have a tree that you think can be saved, give our team at Treemendous Tree Care a call, and we’ll assess whether your storm damaged trees have the potential to make a full recovery.

Stump Grinding MNIf one of your trees has merely suffered minor damage, losing a few limbs or taking a few hits to its bark, it’s highly likely that your storm damaged tree can be saved simply by trimming and pruning dead and falling branches. Especially if your tree is very young or very mature, the likelihood of its survival is almost definite, as healthy mature trees are exceptionally strong, and young trees recover quickly if their trunks and roots are still intact. If you’re not sure that your storm damaged trees can be salvaged, you should still have them checked out by a licensed arborist before making up your mind to remove them. At Treemendous Tree Care, as an honest and reliable tree care service, our top priority will always be the health of your trees, so if there’s a way to save your trees, we’ll always make sure you know your options.

Removing Storm Damaged Trees

Although many storm damaged trees can and should be saved, and we’ll always assess your tree for potential repairs before opting to remove it, some storm damaged trees are simply lost causes. If your trees have been broken or damaged beyond repair and there’s nothing that can be done to promote growth again, we’ll be the first to tell you so that you don’t invest your time and money into caring for a tree that can’t be saved. Trees that are cracked down the center, have severed trunks, or have had huge chunks of branches destroyed are among the trees that, unfortunately, cannot be saved.

While tree care professionals should always be consulted before you call it quits on your storm damaged trees, if a tree has lost about half of its crown or looks like it could never grow again, you can probably decide for yourself that a tree can’t be saved based solely on the level of damage. Rotting or diseased trees, in particular, are usually lost causes, as they were likely too weak and too unhealthy to last much longer regardless of whether they had been damaged by a storm. If your trees have been damaged beyond repair, don’t wait and hope that they’ll come back to life, and don’t throw away your money on a hopeless case; call Treemendous Tree Care, and have it removed so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your property in the future.

Preventing Storm Damage to Trees

Living in Minnesota, you’ve likely encountered your fair share of storms, and you know the damage they can cause to trees. However, you might not know that there are simple and effective ways to prevent your trees from being damaged in a storm. As a Minneapolis, Minnesota tree care and tree removal company, we see storm damaged trees frequently, and it’s become clear that if homeowners were to take precautions, they’d be able to protect their trees from the storms that they know are coming. At Treemendous Tree Care, we recommend cabling and bracing trees to provide greater structural support and limit movement of branches and smaller trunks. Trimming and pruning can also be an effective means of protecting trees from storm damage, as a thinned canopy can reduce trees’ wind resistance and ensure that dead or falling branches aren’t left to fall at will. Call us today at 763-772-4736, or send an email to [email protected] to find out how you can protect your trees from storm damage.