Living in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, or anywhere in Minnesota, for that matter, means that your winters will always be rough. You’re used to the cold, the hail, the mountains of snow, and even the days spend indoors because you just couldn’t bring yourself to shovel through the two feet of snow that fell while you were sleeping. Rather than giving in to the whims of Minneapolis winters, fight back by hiring a professional snow removal company.

At Treemendous Tree Care, as our name doesn’t really imply at all, we offer professional snow removal services that will help you beat the winter snow without ever having to break a sweat – unless making phone calls tires you out. So don’t let the winter storms keep you inside; put the shovels down, stop peering through your blinds hoping your neighbor will shovel your sidewalk, and call us instead. Once you’ve made your snow our responsibility, you can get on with your day knowing that it will be taken care of faster than if you paid your kids to shovel for you.

Treemendous Tree Care Does More than Care for Trees

As licensed tree care professionals, we’ve made it our priority not just to help you keep your trees pristine and healthy but to help with some of the upkeep of your home that most homeowners can’t handle on their own. That’s where snow removal comes in. With our snow removal and plowing professionals, you can count on your snow being taken care of by a team that’s committed to making your life easier. With our professional snow plowing and snow removal equipment, we’ll be able to clear your snow faster than you can say “who called the tree company?”

Why Hire a Professional?

When snow comes through Minnesota, it doesn’t just fall – it dumps down on everyone’s homes, making sidewalks, front steps, and driveways impassable and slippery. The hazards of winter are well-known to Minneapolis homeowners, and if you’ve lived in the area long enough, the snow just becomes a part of your life. Even still, though, you should be cautious when trying to remove snow yourself, as the potential for injury is extremely high. Especially when large amounts of snow falls, throwing your back out or straining your shoulders is almost inevitable. So why not throw down your shovel and call in the snow removal team at Treemendous Tree Care?

We’ll save you the time and energy needed to remove snow yourself, making short work of clearing your covered driveway. What would take you hours working on your own with a shovel takes our team minutes, and it’s a completely stress-free process for you. Although there is never any way to predict just how much snow your driveway will accumulate or just how many homeowners will be making calls to snow removal companies the morning after a storm, you can be sure that no matter how many calls we get, keeping you happy is of the utmost importance. Our professional and reliable team will be at your home ready to take on the heaps of snow, working tirelessly to get you out of your driveway.

Reliable and Timely Snow Removal – Hassle Free!

As a full-service plowing and snow removal company, you can look to the professionals at Treemendous Tree Care when your back is done in, your boots are soaked through, or you just can’t find it in you to shovel your way out of your driveway to get to work. As Minnesota homeowners, we know the routine: wake up hours earlier than you need to, put on your snow gear, and go through the motions of showering and getting ready for work only to find that more snow has fallen since you finished shoveling. Instead of giving in to the snow and letting it take over your morning hours, skip the snow removal routine, and leave it to us.

Because we know exactly what it’s like to wake up to piles of snow that seem impossible to conquer, we want to be the ones to help you plow through winter with less stress, less pain, and more sleep. Look to Treemendous Tree Care for a reliable, timely snow removal service in the Minneapolis area, and never feel the need to break out the shovels or call in late to work again (at least not to shovel your snow).

Contact us at 763-772-4736, and see exactly how much time and energy the snow removal team at Treemendous Tree Care can save you.