Tree-Mendous Tree Care, located in Fridley, MN and serving the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area is not your average tree service business, we are people who truly appreciate and value trees, what they bring to nature and have chosen to make that our life work.  There are many tree service companies, but few go about their work with the passion and commitment that we do!

Dedicated To Innovation In The Tree Care Industry

We read, study, attend seminars, take classes, and network among other tree lovers to keep current on cutting edge research, techniques and equipment.  We want to know what is working in the tree care industry and what is not; what the latest threats are to local Minnesota tree’s and how can they best be dealt with; we are constantly evolving with the tree care trade and when new effective equipment and solutions are developed – we take our time to become familiar, qualified and soon offer the innovative solutions to our clients. These issues concern us, and you are the beneficiary of this concern as we strive to better ourselves and provide you with the best service, techniques, equipment and knowledge in the industry.

Tree-Mendous Tree Care offers the full range tree care services from tree trimming, tree removal, and tree injections to tree planting, tree cabling and underground irrigation systems.  Our Licensed Arborist and State Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator are available and eager to provide Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN with residential and commercial tree care services, specifically to one tree.  Or, if you wish, we can contract with you to manage the total care of all your trees to give you peace of mind and guarantee their good health and well being.  Whatever your tree care needs might be, we are anxious to meet them!

Emerald Ash Borer Specialists

Tree-Mendous Tree Care specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases and tree pests, particularly the Emerald Ash Borer that threatens the life of every ash tree in Minnesota.  We are professionals in the field of Emerald Ash Borer identification, and we are experts in a unique high tech tree injection technique that has proven most effective in the eradication of this vicious pest.  The tree injection technique and equipment we use allows us to inject the tree with a potent pesticide without further traumatizing the tree by drilling into it.  This technique makes it possible for the tree to commit all its self healing powers to assisting the pesticide in fighting the Emerald Ash Borer, rather than wasting a good portion of those powers in healing the wound caused by drilling into it.

If you have ash trees you need to call us immediately so that our Licensed Arborist can examine your trees for Emerald Ash Borer.  Even if they appear healthy, we urge you to get the free examination anyway.  Early detection and treatment is vital in eradicating the Emerald Ash Borer.  Please call us today at (763) 772-4736!