Tree Removal in Brainerd, Minnesota

Whether it’s the massive pine tree threatening to snap in your front yard or the dead stump-like tree still standing somehow, sometimes there’s nothing that can be done with a tree other than remove it. At Treemendous Tree Service, we’ve made it our business to help Brainerd, Minnesota home and business owners understand more about their trees, what it takes to keep them healthy, and when it’s time to call it quits and remove a tree or two that’s in the way, decaying, or threatening to break. From the largest trees to the smallest stumps, our team of tree care specialists knows exactly how to handle your tree removal needs.

Know When to Have Your Trees Removed

Although many home and business owners opt to remove trees purely for the sake of their property’s aesthetic appearance, there are times when you have no choice but to remove your trees. Unfortunate as it is, holding on to trees that need to be removed can be both an eye sore and a hazard to your property and those around it. To be sure that you know when one of your trees needs to be removed, you should be aware of the signs of decay so that you can call in the professionals at Treemendous Tree Service to help you remove any hazardous, diseased, or pest-infested trees.

When looking over your trees to check for damage, be sure to keep an eye out for changes to your trees’ appearance from top to bottom. You should be looking upward for a thinning of your trees’ canopies, changes in the color of leaves or bark, and any markings or growths on leaves and branches. You’ll also want to look for damage to the trunk or branches, dying or bare branches, and fallen limbs, as all of these could be signs of a dying or diseased tree. There are several fungal diseases in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, and you should be sure to watch out for signs of diseases like oak wilt, apple scab, Dutch elm disease, and anthracnose.

Looking for Signs of Insect Infestations

Beyond fungal diseases, your trees could be suffering from the effects of insect pests. Once trees become infested with many insect species, they deteriorate quickly, and if the signs of decay are not seen early enough, the only course of action is to remove the tree. If your trees are looking weaker or suddenly begin changing drastically, take a close look at the bark to check for any holes that insect may have created. If you have an insect problem, your trees will definitely show signs, and you’ll be able to see burrow holes and paths beneath the bark’s surface.

Trust the Professionals for Your Tree Removal Needs

Finding a Minnesota tree removal company in Brainerd is just like finding any company to complete a service. You’ll look at pricing, reviews of work, licensing and certifications, and maybe even ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone knows any good tree removal companies. Save yourself the time and energy of searching for the perfect company, and entrust Treemendous Tree Service with all of your tree removal needs. Our team is fully licensed and experienced in dealing with every tree care service you can imagine.

Because we’ve made trees our business, we’ve made it a priority to be your best option every time, giving you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your trees. When we inspect your trees, we’ll make sure there are no other options before we commit to removing trees that you might want to salvage, and if there is a way to save that favorite family tree in your yard, we’ll be the first ones to tell you how and help you complete the necessary steps to keep it strong.

Regardless of whether you’re clearing your yard of trees for the aesthetic appeal or preemptively removing trees before they can cause any damage to your property, we’re the team to meet your needs and safely remove your trees. When you can’t trust yourself to get the job done, trust us. We’ll make sure to minimize the risks of tree removal and avoid damage to your property by employing smart and effective tree removal techniques that won’t leave your home looking like a lumber yard with dents in the ground.

If you find you have an insect problem, a diseased tree, or any other signs of tree decay, call Treemendous Tree Service immediately at 218-506-TREE (8733). We’ll inspect your trees, determine the level of damage, and provide safe and reliable tree removal experts to rid your Brainerd home or business of any trees that pose a threat to your property’s value or appearance.