Whitefish Chain of Lakes Tree Service Company MNTree-Mendous is a Whitefish Chain of Lakes Tree Service Company that provides all your tree service needs. Many people in the area have homes, cabins and land that will need tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree planting and other tree services. We make it our business to keep your property safe, looking good and healthy.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Whitefish Chain of Lakes

The summers near the Whitefish Chain of Lakes are gorgeous. But the sun doesn’t shine every day. And when the winds get high and the rain pours down trees can catch a rough break. Literally. If you have downed trees, limbs hanging on by a wood chip or debris scattered over your property it is time to call a professional for some help. Storm damaged tree cleanup is tough work but our business is more than ready to clean up your property.

Tree Removal Whitefish Chain of Lakes

If you want one less tree or more – contact our team for results. Our ISA Certified Arborists and Tree Care Workers have the heavy machinery, strategy and experience to handle even the toughest of tree removals. Tight squeezes, large trunks and weird locations are no match for our years of experience as tree removal specialists.

Stump Grinding Whitefish Chain of Lakes

After a tree falls, there is always a stump left over. These stumps attract bees, termites, ants and many other insects when rotting is left to continue. They can also be a headache when mowing your lawn or looking to change up landscaping. Our specialized stump grinding equipment will cut through that leftover stump like butter.

Tree Trimming Whitefish Chain of Lakes

Is your driveway becoming narrower because the encroaching branches? Are there branches blocking your stunning lake view? Or making noise while rubbing against your building? We can promptly trim trees on your property so you get exactly what you want from your investment.

Tree Planting Whitefish Chain of Lakes

Want a new tree addition? Maybe a pine, ash, elm, birch, maple, fir, or hickory? Our Tree Planting Experts can help you not only plant them but also take care of them in their younger, more vulnerable years to ensure they reach maturity.

Call us for a free quote and prompt service at 218-506-8733.

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