Professional Stump Grinding Oakdale MNLooking for Stump Removal? Our Tree Service in Crow Wing County can quickly and affordably get the job done. Tree Removal is no easy task, so it goes without saying that Stump Removal can be a tricky job too. When you work with our team, you will find that there is an easy way to get that stump ground and out of your lawn. One that doesn’t use chemicals, or years and years of time…

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Stump Grinder | Our Stump Removal Secret to Success

So, what is our secret? Besides the years of extensive experience, education and commitment. It is our specialized stump grinder. This baby cuts through even the thickest of stumps with ease. Taking that large, solid stump that once made your day a little longer into wood chips that we then haul away. Say bye bye to rotted wood and hello to a fresh beginning with unlimited potential.

Common Reasons for Stump Grinding

  • Landscaping/Hardscaping Plans –  Many of our customers contact us to grind stumps before they start their landscaping projects. This makes the process of transforming their land much easier. They no longer have to worry about stubborn roots delaying project completion or causing extra work for themselves or their contractors.
  • New Home Addition – When it is time to fence in your yard or add more square footage to your living space it is important to clear trees and stumps that are in the way of laying a solid foundation for long term structural security. These are the types of elements that aren’t simply meant to be ignored or built over. Doing so could cause pest infestations, structural issues and even cause the addition to not meet your city’s building codes.
  • Selling or Buying Property – When selling your home, first impressions are important. If potential home buyers see a list of projects before they even enter the door, chances are they will be deterred by the loads of responsibilities the property is placing on them. But, if you clear the lawn of stumps and extra work, they will be able to focus on what your property has to offer, instead of what work it will entail. If you were one of those that looked past the old stumps and loved the property for what it was. Chances are you are going to want any stumps you purchased with your house at closing grinded before long.

Stump Removal Crow Wing County MN

Contact us Today for a Free Stump Grinding Estimate. Tree-Mendous Tree Care is a Local Crow Wing County Stump Removal dedicated to stellar services at affordable rates. (218)506-8733.

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