roof steaming companies in East Gull Lake

As the weather gets colder and the snow continues to fall, East Gull Lake, Minnesota residents need to be on the lookout for ice dams on their roofs. Ice dams will typically build up on your roof eaves and can cause major damage if not corrected. At Tree-Mendous Tree Service, we are a roof steaming company that safely removes your ice dam and keeps your roof strong and stable all throughout the winter. If you are looking for roof steaming companies in East Gull Lake, Minnesota, you have found your home here at Tree-Mendous Tree Service.

Professional Roof Steaming Company

Ice dams don’t typically happen overnight but if you are not watching your roof consistently over the winter, a large ice dam can develop very quickly. Ice dams are caused by the cyclical melting and freezing process. When we have snowfall here in East Gull Lake, Minnesota, lots of that soft powder remains on your roof. Due to certain conditions, like a rise in the outdoor temperature or perhaps the heat of the attic in your own home, the snow begins to melt and then refreeze again. Then, as it always does, more snow falls and creates this process of melting and freezing over and over again. The more this process continues to happen, the larger the ice dam may grow. If it becomes too big, severe damage can be caused to your roof. Large icicles can form and fall on someone, roofs and gutters can cave in and leaks can begin to form. All in all, ice dams should not go untreated or ignored. Calling a professional roof steaming company is the best choice for your home and safety.

Safe Roof Steaming Companies

Like we’ve said before, ice dams are dangerous. Not only are they dangerous when they are left alone, they are dangerous to also remove. Too often, we hear stories of property owners trying to do it themselves and ending up hurt. At Tree-Mendous Tree Service, we have the proper equipment and all the necessary equipment to get the job done right. No one wants to further damage their property! At Tree-Mendous Tree Service, we leave your roof perfectly intact without any damage. We are a roof steaming company that always puts the safety of others and the integrity of your roof and gutters as first priority.

For more information about roof steaming companies in East Gull Lake, Minnesota, give us a call today. Call Tree-Mendous Tree Service today for all of your ice dams and roof steaming needs! Feel free to call us at 218-506-8733 or send us an email at

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