If your childhood tree’s been looking a little under the weather lately, you could be dealing with any number of ailments, but not everything can be treated with a simple tree trimming, and not every tree is so hopelessly damaged that it needs to be removed. Often times, the answer to all of your tree’s problems is as simple as a single injection. If you have a tree that’s in need of attention, call our Minneapolis, Minnesota tree care specialists at Treemendous Tree Care, and find out whether tree injections are the best way forward for you and your trees.

Protect Trees from Disease and Pests with Tree Injections

When your trees are suffering from pest infestation or fungal diseases, the outcome is usually quite similar. No matter what is affecting your trees and living off of their nutrients, you can bet that your trees will be worse off for it. When your trees play host to fungal diseases or unwelcome insect pests, the loss of nutrients is typically the largest problem to be remedied, and external effects are merely symptoms of your trees’ malnutrition. If you see signs of decay or uncharacteristic changes in your trees and think they may have been infected by insects or disease, call Treemendous Tree Care immediately so that we can assess your trees’ health and create an action plan with effective and safe tree injections.

Insect and Pest Control Injections

Although every disease and every insect will affect your trees differently based on the type of trees, external environment, and ultimately the resources available to your trees and their parasitic infestations, there are signs that you should be on the lookout for. When you’re looking at insect infestations, you’ll typically be able to see signs of insect life, which could include bark and trunk decay that makes your tree look as though it’s being “eaten away,” burrow paths within and beneath your tree’s bark, and even sightings of the insects themselves, if you’re lucky. No matter what pesky pest is bothering your trees, we’ll take care of them quickly with tree injection treatments.

Tree Injections Prevent and Fight Tree Diseases

There are several tree diseases that you should be wary of if your trees are looking less than healthy, including Dutch elm, apple scab, and anthracnose, and some fungal diseases that are more common to Minnesota trees are oak wilt and thousand canker. Each tree disease creates varying symptoms, do the only way to know for sure what’s ailing your tree is to call a professional arborist to take a look at your trees. We’ll identify the problem, understand the cause of your trees’ deterioration, and ultimately use tree injection treatments to get your foliage back to normal.

Experienced Tree Injection Company

Serving the Minneapolis, MN and Twin Cities area, you can count on Treemendous Tree Care’s licensed arborists to know the ins and outs of tree injections, including the symptoms to look for in diseased and insect-infested trees and the treatment options available. When we’re done with your trees, you can bet that they’ll be better off for having known us, and you’ll be happy to see your trees looking like themselves again. Contact us today at 763-772-4736 or jgulso1@gmail.com, and see just how effective our tree injections can be.

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