Ice dam removal Breezy Point Minnesota

Everywhere you turn in the winter time, there are snow-covered roofs and icicles hanging from buildings, growing larger through the winter until they melt or fall away. Although icicles are something we look forward to when Minnesota turns back into a winter wonderland, they can also be a sign of ice dam buildups. Although ice dams don’t always cause icicles, it’s typically a tell-tale sign that there’s an ice dam forming if there are large icicles growing from your roof’s edge. You may even be able to see an ice dam forming; you should be looking for a raised “bump” of ice at the edge of your roof. If you see an ice dam on your roof or suspect you may have ice dams forming, removing ice dams is crucial to ensuring your safety and reducing the risk of damage to your roof and gutters. That’s why we offer Brainerd Lakes Area ice dam removal services to home and business owners all over the Brainerd, MN area, including East Gull Lake, Baxter and Nisswa.

What Are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are buildups of ice on roof eaves, usually obvious to those who notice the icicles on their roofs growing larger or portions of their roofs growing inches-thick in ice. Ice dams are a common occurrence, a side effect of the cyclical melting and freezing process. When snow falls on your roof, it would be convenient for it to melt and drain through your gutters completely, but the process doesn’t always work out so perfectly. At times, snow melts, pours down to the edge of your roof, and then freezes before it can make it to the gutters. The more often the snow and ice on your rooftop melts and refreezes, the larger and more dangerous the ice buildup, or ice dam, will become. Melting and freezing is usually caused by differences in temperature between the middle of your roof and the edge. If the center of your roof is well-insulated, the temperature is warmer, and snow melts; the edge of your roof, if less insulated, has a lower temperature, making it easy for melted snow to freeze. The more your snow melts and flows downward to freeze, the larger ice dams and icicles grow.

Safe Ice Dam Removal

Unfortunately, ice dams shouldn’t simply be left to their own devices, as the larger they grow, the more dangerous and problematic they become. The damage caused by ice dams can be extensive, and they become more and more dangerous each day they’re left alone, especially when they’ve grown into large ice buildups. This means that, while leaving ice dams to grow larger is dangerous, attempting to remove ice dams yourself can be even more dangerous if you’re inexperienced in ice dam removal.

Instead of taking ice dam removal into your own hands and hoping for the best with your shovel, saw, ice pick, or otherwise, if you’re inexperienced in ice dam removal or don’t have the right equipment to safely remove ice dams yourself, call in the professionals. Your snow-covered roof is the last place you want to find yourself if you’re not looking to fall several feet to the ground, so if you’re contemplating a DIY ice dam removal, we’d strongly urge you to reconsider your options. Rather than risking your own safety and damaging your roof or gutters in the process, hire a professional ice dam removal company that knows what it’s doing. When we remove ice dams, we have the proper equipment and the necessary experience to make sure that we leave your roof perfectly intact without any damage to you or your roof.

Damage Caused by Ice Dam Buildups

The damage caused by ice dams can be minimal or extensive depending on the stability of your roof and gutters, the length of time your ice dams are left to grow, and the weight of your ice dams. Perhaps the most obvious danger of leaving ice dams to grow is the potential for large icicles to fall and harm someone. Beyond that, the danger of ice dams lies in the damage they can cause to your roof and gutters. When ice dams build up large enough, melting snow pools on your roof; when this happens, water can begin seeping below shingles and causing water damage to your roof. Ice dams also damage gutter systems, flooding gutters with ice until they’re no longer able to drain properly. The larger ice dams become, the more ice freezes into your gutters, and the greater chance there is that your gutters will be bent, warped, or torn down.

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