Infested & Diseased Tree Removal MNIs your forestry looking grim and lifeless? We have an ISA certified arborist on staff here at Treemendous Tree Care who is knowledgeable in arboriculture and can help you find out what is happening with your tall, weak looking timbers. Many residents that need tree removal services in Minneapolis have a tree suffering because of a disease or infestation. Commonly it is because of problems that have taken over the local tree species, such as Emerald Ash Borer and Oak Wilt. Our qualified contractors are here to help when it comes to tree and stump removal services in Minneapolis, give us a call today!

 Types of Trees in Minnesota

  • Northern White Cedar- This shade tolerant species grows mainly in Northern Minnesota but can be spotted all the way down to Winona. The height of the northern white cedar are commonly 50 to 60 ft. The bark is a grayish brown with a twisted trunk that produces small, yellow-brownish seeds at the ends of what almost looks like mistletoe leaves.
  • Box Elder- You know those cool, helicopter look alike seeds that kids love to play with but parents loath to clean up in their yard? This adaptable tree is found growing all around in North America and the pests they bring with them are the most common household pest invaders.
  • Red Mulberry- Claimed to be quite rare, unless you walk along the muddy banks of the Mississippi, this shade tolerant tree species can reach heights to 50ft. Although, most commonly between 18ft and 30ft. Birds love the dark purple almost black sweet berries the red mulberry that produces near its dark blue-green leaves.
  • Paper Birch- Not for toiletry use but the paper-like, white bark can make great fire starter on a wet or damp morning! If you plant a paper birch make sure there isn’t anything overhead. These trees can grow up to 75 feet! They are also shade intolerant, so keep it in the sun to grow!

Contact Us For Tree Removal in Minneapolis

As a homeowner, you may feel like the do it yourself type of person and believe you can identify tree diseases. Once you identify the tree you can narrow down possible diseases and/or infestations. Minnesota is the home of 52 native tree species. Provided were just a few with some information to help you identify at home your urban forestry before you need tree removal services.

With all the different species comes all new problems but also solutions. There is so much to learn about when it comes to the function of a tree itself. Even the insect or tree disease it is struggling with. That is why, here at Treemendous Tree Care, we have dedicated our lives to the love of arboriculture. We have been and are continuing to focus on gaining knowledge and know-how when dealing with diseased tree removal near Minneapolis. Give us a call today and let us help you get rid of some unneeded trees! 763-772-4736



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