Crow Wing County Storm Damage Tree Cleanup MNDon’t spend your weekend cleaning up after that nasty storm that rolled through Brainerd, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, Nisswa, Crosslake, Jenkins and the local area. Instead, contact Tree-Mendous for Crow Wing County MN Storm Damage Tree Cleanup. Our professionals are experience with helping residents, businesses, resorts and parks clean up after the mess of heavy winds, hail and other harsh conditions. Whether you have a downed tree, broken branches or a tree on your garage; our Tree Service Professionals have the experience, equipment and know how to clean up the mess of deadwood in your yard safely and promptly. Call us for a FREE Estimate on Crow Wing County MN Storm Damage Tree Cleanup.

Dangers of Deadwood, Broken Branches & Downed Trees

  • Loose branches in the sky – Not only is the mess left from a heavy storm unsightly and a hassle, it is also a liability. A broken branch left in a living tree will fall. It is just a matter of when. Don’t risk someone being under it and getting hit. Instead, contact us for affordable after storm tree cleanup services.
  • Prevent Insect Infestations & Diseases – A damaged tree left alone only becomes more brittle with time. When trees develop wounds, they become more susceptible to insects and diseases, which can quickly spread to other trees in your property (depending on the species).
  • Time your tree’s fall – It is much less dangerous to know when and where your tree is going to fall. And the sooner you hire a professional to inspect the tree to see if it will survive or need removal the better.
  • Rescue Tree or Remove Tree – Maybe you really don’t want your tree to go. We can inspect the tree and tell you truthfully if it is worth it to try and save it. Many times, our team of ISA Certified Arborist can cleanly cut off damaged branches and the tree recovers quickly. We will need to see your specific tree’s condition before ensuring that is your case.
  • Deadwood Removal off Property – So you’ve taken the time to clean up all the deadwood, branches, leaves and debris but now what?! Our company brings a trailer to your property to haul off all the organic waste scattered across your yard.

Crow Wing County MN Storm Damage Tree Cleanup

For Affordable After Storm Tree Cleanup Services Brainerd, Pequot Lakes, Breezy Point, Nisswa, Crosslake & Jenkins, MN call 218-506-8733

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