Brainerd Tree Service Company MNIf you are searching for a Brainerd Tree Service Company for tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, tree trimming, storm damaged tree removal or any other type of tree service need; contact Tree-Mendous Tree Service. Our company is fully equipped with ISA Certified Arborists, ISA Certified Tree Climbers, Heavy Machine Certificates and the Heavy Machines. We can remove a massive tree without damage to your lawn. Our Brainerd Tree Service Company has taken countless trees off homes, roads, lawns, cars, and so much more. For all your tree service requests in Brainerd call (218)506-8733.

Tree Cleanup after Heavy Winds

The warm summer days lead to stormy summer nights. If you have noticed a few branches down, or worse, call your local tree service company. We will quickly arrive at your property and clean up small and large branches, even whole trees. We have cranes, grinders, and all the equipment needed to ensure your yard is returned to a cleaner state.

Tree Debris Removal

Don’t spend countless months burning your left over wood if you don’t actually need to. Instead of being forced to build a fire, hire our contractors to get rid of your dead wood, a tree, and any leftover debris a storm or strong winds scatter around.

Brainerd Tree Service Company

Brainerd Storm Damaged Tree Removal

So, whether you want a few new trees added or the fallen, dead branches taken away; our Brainerd Tree Service Company will be on its way. Contact our experienced team for a Free Estimate on your desired Professional Tree Service.

Highly Rated Brainerd Tree Service Company

Tree-Mendous has many happy customer reviews, check out our Facebook Page for honest reviews, as well as our Google Places Listing. We enjoy our work and helping others in the local community. For us, this is more than a career, it is our passion. We invite you to join in and reap the benefits of our fast and precise tree service work.

(218)506-8733 or email


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