Searching for a Brainerd Lakes Area Tree Service Company can be a difficult task. It is important to find a local company that can give you the exact tree service you need. At a good price and with good customer service. Tree-Mendous Tree Service Company offers just that. We are a long-standing Minnesota Tree Service company that offers Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Trimming, Storm Damaged Tree Clean Up and more Tree Care Services.

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Common Tree Services we offer in Brainerd, MN

  • Tree Service Company Brainerd MinnesotaTree Removal – Removing a tree is no small task. Trees are heavy, damaged trees can be brittle and removing a tree without the proper experience and equipment can lead to a lengthy list of problems. Personal injury is the worst that comes to mind. Our skilled tree removal professionals already have everything needed to take down even the biggest of trees, in the tightest of areas. Skip the mishap and call us for a free tree removal quote.
  • Tree Stump Grinding – Did you know that the roots of a tree are as wide as the crown of the tree. That means there is a mess of hard roots in your yard. They can make new landscaping projects hard. Our specialized stump and root grinding equipment will clear all those hassles from your yard and away from your property in great time.
  • Tree Trimming – Tree Trimming is an important service. Trimming your trees will prevent the headache of downed branches because of high winds or storms. It is also important to trim any dying branches so they don’t weigh down your tree and possibly allow it to become susceptible to insects and diseases.
  • Storm Damaged Tree Clean Up – Sometimes not even the best of tree trims can stop strong winds from making a mess of your trees and branches. Our tree service professionals can offer our assistance by cleaning up downed tree branches and ensuring damage to your trees are minimal.

Highly- Rated Brainerd Lakes Area Tree Service Company

Have you seen our Facebook Reviews? How about our Google Reviews? Yelp? If not, we urge you to check them out! Our company is very grateful for all our happy customers that have left raving reviews. We have worked hard to get where we are today to help you get done with your yard easily. Call or email us for a free quote 218-506-8733 or



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