Creative Ideas for Old Tree StumpsAs ISA Certified Arborists, we will always recommend that old tree stumps get professionally grinded and are completely removed – roots and all. As people, we also understand that there is not one way that fits all. So with that in mind we have a few creative ideas for old tree stumps that may come in handy if you can’t get that stump ground just yet…

Keep in mind that the location, size and condition of the stump will play a factor in your plans and that our Tree Stump Grinding Professionals are always here if you decide to just get rid of it altogether…

5 Creative Ideas for Old Tree Stumps

  1. Drill a base for a Bird Feeder – The grass under bird feeders usually dies anyway, so why not anchor a sturdy rod to the base and enjoy the variety of birds that show up. This means you don’t need to potentially ruin another part of your lawn. And you won’t need to mow quite as close to the stump and roots, which is nice because contact can be quite nasty to lawn mower blades.
  2. Use it as a base for Splitting Wood – Soft ground makes splitting wood logs difficult, if not impossible. If you don’t already have a designated area or can easily move what you have already have an old stump would be the perfect location to keep your wood pile and even bonefire pit. Chop, chop!
  3.  Make a Tree Stump Planter – You can grow flowers, bushes and even other trees on an old tree stump. This is a great way to draw a distraction away from the stump and showcase some new beauty. Hallow the stump out, plant a seed or surround it with blooming planters.
  4. Create a Table – Depending on how high the stump has been cut, securing a top onto it can open up more function and hid the ugly side of your yard. Install a flat table top that can weather a storm, grab some chairs and you have a new outdoor dining and seating arrangement, with minimal labor and cost.
  5. Make a Fairy Garden – You know the kebler house, right? Make your own house by decorating the stump and adding fairies, knombs and other mistical figures. Great for the kids, grandkids, neices & nefues and anyone else who enjoys imagination.

Find more inspiration on Pinterest!

What will you do with your Tree Stump?

We hope that we’ve given you a perspective of the other side and would love to see what you’ve done with your old tree stumps or be the professional tree services company to remove your stumps with our stump grinding services in Brainerd, MN.

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